Any Soldier

A soldier waits patiently for the mail
While waiting for his work detail
A letter is held up addressed to any G.I.
He yells out "Corporal May I?"

He takes the letter into his hand
And sits off to the side on a pile of sand
Dear Soldier, words are not enough
To comfort you when things are tough

I just wanted to keep you in touch
That you are appreciated so much
Even though I do not know you
I feel I owe so much to you

Your in my prayers each day and night
whether your sleeping or in a combat fight
that you are kept safe and strong
and soon back home where you belong

It is what you chose to do for us all
when your duty has come to call
I wish I could shake your hand
And be more supportive where you stand

Where would we be without Heroes like you
Keeping our freedom alive with all you do
Thank you for a service well done
Thank your parents to, for you are their son


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Anonymous said...

Great stuff as usual!