Ridding Your Home Of Animal Urine

You bought a new house, and your anxious to move in, but with the old owners gone you smell cat urine. This happened to me. When I looked at the house, I never noticed the smell, until we started to move in. Even though cats use a litter box, the male cats will still spray to mark their territory, or to announce to other cats it is ready to mate, as will the female. You can eliminate the smell but it will take some elbow grease on your part.

You will need good latex gloves, face mask, safety glasses, bucket, sponges, Kilz primer, paint brushes and rollers. Keep a fan nearby and have windows open for cross ventilation. With the Bleach being a strong mix, you will need to have windows and doors open. I tried a lesser mix and it did not conquer the urine smell on the walls.

1.Mix in bucket 50/50 solution of bleach and warm water. Wash all the walls, and any area you noticed drip marks, that is probably going to need washing twice. Allow to dry.

2. Kilz the entire wall, let dry

3. Paint over the kilzed wall once dry

For floors and wood, we used a product you can find in the pet store called simple solutions. It works on virtually any surface and the cost is only $7.99. Use this to clean cupboards, vinyl or ceramic floors. If you can not afford new carpeting, and want to clean the old carpeting, Bissells multi allergen formula carpet cleaner solution works great. Pre treat any spots you may see with the simple solution first. If you choose to put in new carpet, you may want to clean the sub floor with simple solution or bleach water mixture to ensure no urine set into the flooring.

The fact is yes cats do spray. They will do this in marking their territory, or to announce to other cats it is ready to mate. Also they spray out of anger or frustration. If the previous owner was good about keeping up cleaning after the spraying, there is a good chance no damage was done. If the cat sprayed the carpet chances are it went to the sub floor as well. I have friends who have cats and argue that cats do not spray, or their home does not smell of cat. The fact is, even if you have a dog, if you live with the smell of an animal that sprays chances are you won’t notice it. Follow the simple steps above, and like me, your home can be free of urine smell.

1.Facts on cat spraying: http://www.wisegeek.com/why-do-male-cats-spray-urine.htm

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