Home Improvement :Painting on a Budget

When we first moved into our new townhouse, the entire place was painted flat white. It felt cold and looked like an institution. We went out to buy paint, we got lucky and found the perfect color in the clearance area for $5.00. The regular price was $23.00. The color may not have been what the other person wanted, but it was a warm neutral beige, just the color we were looking for to paint our living room. I was happy with the end results of a more cozy welcoming feel.

The bathroom was done by the complex, in a gorgeous ceramic tile, biscotti in color. The tub area was even done with ceramic tile giving it a upscale look, the problem was the flat white paint. Every time we walked in, it was nothing short of the feeling you get when you walk into a hospital bathroom.

Being tight on money, I thought hard on how to make it look more appealing. The solution was stripes. I ran the idea past my husband who turned it down saying it would look “stupid”. I convinced him to let me give it a try, if he hated it, I would paint it solid. Winning my argument, my spouse and I taped off every other ceramic tile which measured 12 3/4 inches. Prepping the outside area with a brush, I then rolled on the soft brown paint in the alternating strips. Immediately the tape must come down, otherwise, the newly dried paint could peel off with tape removal.

I loved the look, but it was missing something. I picked apart a fake flower arrangement that had weird items in it such as turkey feathers, and placed them into a large oval basket, setting it on top of my cabinet behind the toilet. I then took a small palm and placed it onto the vanity along with a large star fish. Stepping back and taking a look at my newly painted stripe bathroom, I was pleased, as it has a spa like feeling now. The cost to warm up my bathroom: one quart of paint for $9.99.

To change the look of your home doesn’t have to be costly. Check the clearance racks near the paint departments. Often enough you can find paint marked down as low as $3.00 depending on brand and color. Another place to search for items to change the look of your home is, Habitat For Humanity resale stores. They are given donations of paint, fixtures, and cabinets. All proceeds go toward building homes sponsored by Habitat For Humanity. I found paint at their resale store as low as $2.00, but they are not completely full gallons of paint. Another example of a great find is, my sister seen a new vanity with faux marble top at the store near her for only $15.00. You can find bargains to help warm up your home if you have a tight budget and at the same time help out Habitat for Humanity.

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