Online Gift Cards and Eating Out

If you like to go out for dinner, but money is becoming tighter, there is one option to help you go out to eat. Whether it is for a birthday or anniversary, or just because, this site will help you out. The website, It was my mother-in-laws birthday, and we didn’t have enough to take her to a nicer restaurant, on that site, I was able to purchase an online gift card of $25, and only pay $10. The website lists local restaurants in your area varying from BBQ, to pubs offering tasty dishes. Anything you can imagine, Chinese, pizza, fish, BBQ, to regular bar that serves up legendary burgers.

I thought it was too good to be true, so I gave it a try. It was easy to use, I simply typed in my zip code, and searched the several pages of participating restaurants, until I found the one I wanted. The gift cards range in price from a $10 you pay $3, $25 you pay $10, and $50 you pay $20. There is one thing, a minimum purchase is required usually in the amount of $35 for a $25 gift card, but using these online gift cards you can get a meal free. When you find a restaurant you like, simply click on the gift card option you want, purchase it, then print it.

We searched the listings and found a BBQ restaurant we always wanted to try. I purchased an gift card of $25, paying only $10, printed it. We got to the restaurant, and ordered our rib dinner. When we got our bill, we handed the printed gift card,( which your paper will have the restaurant name, the dollar amount of gift card, and bar code), to the waitress, she came back with the $25.00 taken off. No hassles, what so ever. Our bill was $35.00 minus the $25, came out to $10 . Keep in mine you spend $10 to buy gift card, so end cost $20 for 3 people, for a $35 meal including drinks(non alcohol is what we had). Still saving $15.00, on your meal, not bad for 3 people. It is so easy, why not try it and enjoy a dinner out tonight, search, buy, and print.

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