Purified Water

Many Americans love to drink bottled water. Depending on where you live, this seems to be the choice, as water sometimes tastes too chlorinated. And bottled water seems to be very different, crisp, clean taste in bottled water to tap. Although some news have reported some bottle water manufacturers have admitted to using tap water, there are legitimate sources still out there.

My spouse and I, while driving around our new neighborhood, spotted a new water store, called Purified Water to Go. Being curious we went in, and tried the water. It was amazingly great. This store offers two different kinds of purification ozone, and oxygen. What are they? According to a pamphlet I picked up from their store, Oxygenated water goes into our bodies and is absorbed quickly. The health benefits of Oxygenated water you ask? Increased stamina, more energy, and better heart rate. Ozone, being a form of oxygen is more unstable, resulting in a detoxifying effect. I was told by the employee that if we were to chose the ozone water, it needs to be consumed in a 8 hour period. The Oxygenated water has a longer shelf life, allowing us to buy 10 gallons at once.

If you try the Ozone water, according to their flyer, it is said to have the following health benefits: Detoxifies the blood,strengthens the immune system, recovery process is 50% faster, increases oxygen uptake at the cell level, rejuvenates and revitalizes unhealthy cells, reverses collagen cross linking and aging pigment, relieving allergy, asthma, emphysema, and sinus problems.

In their store, you can find many flyers and pamphlets with useful information such as storing, and what type of container to use. When you look at the bottom of a bottle, you will notice a triangle, and an number, it will be a 1,2,3,or 7. A number 1 with the word PETE, are recommended for one time use only. A number 2 with HDPE, such as milk containers, cheap water bottles, can leave a bad taste in the water in a short period of time. A number 3 with PVC, is limited in use when used with purified water. A number 7, keeps water pure and great tasting, and is safe to use for years. If you have your own containers, you can bring them in, or purchase theirs if you are unsure if yours is safe or not.

In being a customer, we purchase the water and Ice they make. The ice is not like the ice you find in those big freezers outside the party stores. Their ice is crystal clear and has no bad taste. The party store ice, is cloudy and tastes very different, as it is from the tap. The break down in price, is if you purchase a $10 water card, the cost per gallon is .45. The higher the dollar amount the price decreases, saving you a little more money. To save more money, by buying gallons, you can use a portable water container, filling it up at home, saving you the $1.50 in purchase at the party store or gas station.

Although it is cheaper in the end to use regular tap water, I myself prefer the purified water, as it removes the metals,chlorine, and sediments. It just simply tastes better, and is better for you. If you have one near you give it a try. You will be amazed at the taste, and quality. Also you will learn much more about tap water, and the benefits of the purified water.

Information: Pamphlets from store. and http://www.oxygentherapyexperts.com/oxyfiles/oxy00520.html

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