How I overcame Agoraphobia

I had a bout with being Agoraphobic for approximately 7 months. I was afraid to leave the house, I woke up when my spouse woke, showered and then went right back to sleep. During this period I had suffered a bad inner ear infection which I had bad vertigo. What I did to resolve this Agoraphobia, I will not recommend, because it is unconventional, even though it worked for me. I am a believer in what I had done, and always was a believer in the American Indian Medicine man.

My spouse is a native American. His family tree shows many colorful people from a Chief, to a medicine man. After I lost hope in getting well, I called his Aunt out in North Dakota. She gave me my spouses cousins number, who is a medicine man, along with another who is in located in Canada. I am a firm believer in the native Americans, that the medicine man was able to heal, after all they lived many many years without conventional medicine. I called the Chief in Canada, told him my story. He agreed to come see me, as my spouse was American Indian, only for the cost of gasoline.

Two days later, he came to my door step, as he said he would. He was accompanied by two others, of the same Indian culture. I will not describe the set up or the ceremony, as they do hold this sacred. But after an good half hour of ceremony, he told me within 1 week, I would be healed. I waited patiently, as there was a lot I was missing out on. In one week, just as he said, I was in the car driving, I was shopping. It was to me, a miracle. Could this of been resolved by a modern day Doctor? Probably, but I had wasted enough time of my life. I do not recommend this to just anyone, as it can be harmful as good, as I had learned from one American Indian I spoke to. I am just happy that I am now able to be free from this Agoraphobia, and live a happier life.

The facts still amaze me on the American Indian, and how without the conventional medicine, they strived, and lived a long time. This is what made my decision to seek out a medicine mans help. But once again, I strongly caution, as it is not meant to replace anyone’s physician. It is to me, a wonderful story I wanted to share. I do not encourage this, just wanted it to be an inspirational story for others that it is possible to conquer.

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