Allergies and Dogs

There is a lot of talk about what kind of dog the Obamas should get for their children Sasha and Malia. President Elect Obamas daughter Malia, is said to have allergies, narrowing the range of puppies. I have to praise President Elect Obama for wanting to adopt a shelter dog. It is possible with long searching to find such an dog that will be good for his family and his daughters allergies. Being she is so young, I can not imagine this child taking shots, as my brother does, due to his allergies, and having a long hair dog.

There are many different dogs that are good for people with allergies. At the dog park, where I go with my dog, many people there have allergies, and have dogs. One dog, which is the most playful, energetic, goofy, friendly one is named Riley. He is a Labradoodle. His mom, picked him out due to her allergies. She said she has had no problems with her allergies, with Riley. A Labradoodle is a cross between a Labrador, and a Poodle. They have a semi short coat, long luscious eye lashes, for a comical touch.

Doing a search on dogs for people with allergies, there is a long list according to one veterinarian that is suitable for people with allergies. These dogs are the Terrier, Bichon, Chinese Crested, Water Spaniel, Maltese, Poodle, Portuguese Water Dog, Schnauzer, Mexican Hairless. In my experience, my sister is very allergic to pet dander. She never had any allergy problems, with either of my dogs, one which was a Doberman, and the other a mix of Husky, Sheppard. My brother, who takes shots for his allergies, has Irish setters, again, I really would not put a child in that in situation of having to take shots.

There are allot of products, and things you can do, to help keep your allergies in check. Washing your pet bedding often, here you should use baby hypo allergenic laundry soap such as Dreft, which contains no perfumes, you do not want to use soap with perfumes it may harm your dog. There are many shampoos you can buy for your pet, if you suffer from allergies, as well. Myself, our dog gets a bath every three months or so depending if she gets into the mud or not. Too much frequent bathing is not good, as their skin can dry, causing them to scratch and become miserable. Also the tablet of Garlic and Brewers Yeast, is helpful. This keeps shedding down and is said to help deter fleas and ticks. I give it to my pet, and never once has she had any flea or tick problems, I could just be lucky in the area.

Keeping your dog well groomed, and using hepa filters in your house, along with furnace filters that rate high 1000 and up, and that states dust, mold, pollen, and animal dander can help all year round with keeping these allergy irritants lower. Which ever breed, or mixed breed the Obamas choose, I hope the girls and their new best friend, have a long happy life together.

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