Dogs and Seperation Anxiety

You just a new dog or puppy, and they tend to bark the moment you head out the door. It is possible they have separation anxiety. Some dogs, will develop separation anxiety especially if they are use to having their human with them the majority of the time.

My dog had separation anxiety. I wanted to try a doggy day care, there was one 1/2 mile from my house, ideally located across the street from where I do most of my shopping. I brought her in, she seemed to love the fact of other dogs running around in the play area, so I thought it would work out. They wanted to see how she would react if I was out of sight. I walked into the next room, and sure enough, she paced frantically, and whined. Doggy day care was out of the question.

How I broke her of her separation anxiety took time. Before I would leave the house, I would turn on the radio to a soft music station. Each day I left, the time frame I was gone increased by 5 to 10 minutes. It went well, soon I was able to leave the house for an hour or so without her panicking.

If your dog seems to bark constantly the minute you walk out your door, try a few different techniques. The radio works great, keep it tuned into a soft music station, as heavy metal music most likely won’t clam your friend. The television, is another tool to use. Keep an eye on your pet, and watch what programs they respond to. This could any television show with animals, or cartoons. My dog seems to like cartoons, which have talking, allowing her not to feel alone, that someone is near.
A crate is a good idea, but not for locking a pet up for hours at a time. The crate I use for my pet is the sturdy plastic, with windows at each side near the top. The door is left off, and she is able to go in and out as she wants. You will need a bed, or blankets inside as it has raised plastic nubs inside. The crate gives her a sense of security. As the dog is a descendant of the wild wolf, they live in dens. So she feels secure when she goes in her crate. I do not suggest locking your pet in the crate for punishment.

Barking is not so much a problem if you own your home, as the dog is inside. But if you live in an apartment, it will be disruptive to the neighbors around you. All cities have ordinances about excessive barking. These ordinances also apply to apartment buildings. Give the ideas I used a try and in time your dog will not panic when you leave your home.

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