Dental School, Option for Dental Work

Many people today, do not have health insurance, let alone dental coverage. Many of us put off seeing the dentist because it is not the most pleasant experience. No one likes mouth pain, it can be very painful. What do you do if you have no insurance, and can not afford to go? Dentists often have coupons you can find in the mail offering free x-rays, and examination or for the low cost of $10, I have seen a few. What if they come back and tell you that you need work done, that could amount up to hundreds of dollars, and you can not afford it? It is possible that many offer a payment plan with half down, or even offer a credit plan with their office upon approval. Many people have blemishes on their credit reports that may prevent that payment plan.

The alternative is, look up the nearest dental school. They offer Endodontics, which is root canals, Orthodontics, braces to straighten teeth, and Pediatric Dentistry, for children of 3 years to 16. Also is the Oral Surgeons for the extractions and root canals as I told you of earlier. Here in Michigan, there is a dental school in the city of Detroit. It is Wayne State University Dental School. I myself, had my wisdom teeth extracted at this school. I never swelled up, or got black and blue as many of my friends had. I was under sedation and never felt a thing. What the dental school offers is no charge consultation. They do require x-rays which will cost $48.00. They will also provide you with detail plan of work needed and the cost. How can this save you money? Being a Dental School, you will be in a student clinic, which allows the cost to be about half the price of a dental office. They do expect payment though, once services is rendered.

Do not panic over being worked on by students, as they are closely supervised by the instructor, and are not freshmen. I had a few services done there while my sister was attending the dental school, and had no issues of complaints, or dental complications. It is a win win situation, you get lower cost care, and the students get experience while working on you. Even if you have dental insurance they accept most, and medicaid. Give it some thought you only have one set of teeth. Below I listed the Link to WSU Dental School for more information.

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