Unique Birthday Gifts

When it comes to buying gifts for birthdays, I have a hard time as most of my family are difficult to buy for. My brother and sister are professionals, and have pretty much everything they want. Over the years, I have tried to find unique items they may not have seen or ever tried. Now the problem is with this idea is, I can not afford to purchase anything expensive. Below I listed some ideas, that in the past they have enjoyed, and maybe one of your family members will too.

1.Giant Fortune Cookie: The prices range from $17-$25 depending on what you want on your cookie, such as chocolate, sprinkles, or nuts. You also are able to place a personalize message as the fortune to be read by the lucky gift recipient. It is a large cookie and will be enjoyed. There are several sites online who offer these huge cookies, I try to stay local and help out people in Michigan, plus Jillians prices are more cheaper then others I have come across.

2.Chili: I purchased a gift package by this one company named Fartless. They sell Fartless chili. My brother who has everything loved this package of chili fixins and custom bowl. Also I included the beer bread to accompany his chili package. Its a gift with a little humor and who doesn’t love chili? The prices range from $7.00 on up.

3.Kringle: You can order a large Kringle danish there are 26 different flavors to choose from. The prices are $25 and up. It is possible if having a party to order two to save, it is possible to get ten servings out of one Kringle.

4.Fudge:The Brigittine Monks have the best fudge next to Mackinaw Island Fudge. Their prices are moderate but the quality is exceptional. The fudge is the monks only source of income, so it is a win win situation.

5.Adopt a Wolf:You can adopt a wolf through a non profit organization, with this adoption you will get a color photo, certificate, and more information on these lovely creatures.

6.Baklava: You can purchase a nice tray at a greek store or restaurant. Comes with standard to the chocolate covered and nut coated. Average price $17.99 for medium tray.

All these gift ideas, I have purchased for my hard to buy for family members, and they all appreciated and loved the non traditional ideas of gift cards, or running back to the store to exchange the gift. Below I listed a few websites where I purchase these gifts from. If you choose one or more I hope your family member likes it as well.

www.jillianscookies.com , www.Fartless.com , www.kringle.com , www.wolfsongalaska.org , www.oregongourmet.com

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