Best Online Game Sites

If you are like me, you enjoy word games, and puzzle games to keep your mind sharp. Not only for that reason, but also to relax and pass time. There are many web sites on the Internet to play free word and puzzle games. They all have different graphics and vary in the speed, and technological problems.

1. : Free. Here they have card games, word games, and arcade games. The only problem I have encountered is I freeze up a lot while playing. I am not sure if it is my computer or not, I am doubting that since it is fairly new, and happened before with my old one. It is an enjoyable site to play on.

2. :Free. Also you can pay a yearly fee or monthly fee of $5.99 to enjoy extra games. Graphics are very good, speed is excellent, I experience no freeze ups, overall the people are very friendly. Again Pogo offers word games, card games, arcade games, and many memory games. You have the option of choosing what room to play in like, teens to 50+ which is an added bonus. Free, easy sign up, yet not offering as many games as yahoo or pogo.

4. Free to play. graphics are good, people again are friendly. If you purchase the game disc, you get more options to make avatar, and sound effects. Many word games, to keep your mind sharp.

5. Free offering many puzzle and word games. My favorite game on Boxerjam is strike a match.

All these websites offer easy sign up. I have not experienced any spam in the email, making these 5 sites the best word game sites for me. They offer games not only for adults, but for children too. They are also good for the elderly, allowing them to play games to keep their minds sharp, and meet other senior citizens, and chat while playing.

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