Electronics and Saving Money

So you have your eye on a new digital camera, computer, or printer. Before you head out to the store and purchase that new item that you been wanting for so long, there maybe a way to cut some dollars off that bill.

I will use the example of my fathers printer/fax machine. My father had been wanting one for some time. He waited until the Christmas sales, he checked all the ads, and when he found one, he was going to head out the door. I stopped him with the paper in his hand, and asked him would he want to say a little more money if he could. “Of Course” was his reply.

I went online and checked the website online specials. They offered the same items, some a little cheaper. Then I logged onto www.couponmountain.com, here I found a special coupon to save him an additional $10. The key was the sales online started at midnight with limited quantities. I stayed up when midnight hit, I placed an online order for his printer for $40.00, used the coupon for $10, plus there was a mail in rebate for $10. The end cost, $20 for a regular $60.00 printer. I went to the store with my E receipt and picked up his new printer. Needless to say he was very happy.

The coupons you can find on this site range for just about any store from Best Buy to Flower shops. Anything you can find online, there is probably a money saving coupon on there for you to put back money into your pocket. Today I found coupon for 40% off digital cameras, imagine saving 40%, a $179.00 camera for $129, sounds good to me. There are more valuable coupons to be found for your favorite store.

The only thing with this online coupon site is, that you have to purchase online. You can pick your items up at the store, or have them shipped. Some stores offer free shipping along with using the coupon. Another place where I bought my spouse a down winter coat was www.overstock.com. With Michigan’s harsh cold winters, he had no really warm coat. I found a goose down coat, regular price for $140, name brand, I bought for $35.00, paying only $2.99 shipping. My husband says he actually sweats in that coat it is so warm.

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