Teen Bullying

I grew up in the 70’s, my high school years were in the 80’s. Looking at all the news headlines of school yard bullying seems to more profound now, then when I, or you were in school. I can remember one or two teens, who had the stereo type of being the bully, but not like the bullying taking place in today’s school. In our parents time, and our time of high school, there were cliques, groups of certain people, but it seems like things have gotten way out of control with today’s teens. Sit back and think about when you were in school.

I can not imagine, being a parent and having to deal with a situation that my son or daughter was jumped in a bathroom, filmed and then put up on you tube. Or that they were the aggressor. Watching talk shows that feature the children who were beat up, and the teens who assaulted them, I can not figure out why the parents are so quick to defend and deny their child is the aggressor, even with video proof, they are still blind to that fact, placing blame on the other children. It is baffling.

Throughout many cases of behavioral aggression, blame was attributed to the kind of music they listened to. The music had hidden messages, and these messages told the children to act as they had. I do not know if I buy that one. In my teen years I listened to a wide range of music, from Ozzy Osbourn, to Sid vicious Punk music. Simply put, I nor my friends, never participated in aggressive behavior seen now a days.

Where does all this aggression come from? Are the girls of the 2000, acting out like their favorite movie actress, or video game character? Women in today’s films, play a more violent role of characters. I admit I love these films, and the actresses who play them. But with these young girls who act out so violently, and video tape it, placing it on you tube for the whole world to see, could it be the possibility of them wanting to be just like that Rough and tough character in the film, or video game they love to play? Wish I had the answer to that one but I do not. In my view it makes sense, but I am not a psychologist.

School bullying has and probably will always be present. The alarming situation lies in today’s time. It happens too frequently, and it is not just the boys anymore. If your child is the victim, look for warning signs. If you suspect your child may be the aggressor, seek help for them. It is difficult enough to get through high school, keep up grades in hopes of getting to college. The last thing these teens need is bullying. Bullying destroys children, and in some cases, the result is suicide, or murder.

Signs of the victim: Outside the obvious of physical cuts, bruises, there is mood changes. Mood Changes include: emotionally withdrawn, hot temper, and being aggressive towards their own siblings. Changes in friends, loss of friends, skipping school, making up excuses not to attend school. Below is a link to more information on bullying and what to do if you find your child in that situation.

Bullying: http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/adhd/bullying.htm

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