Lucky Bamboo

Hello, my name is Dessy and I am a plant killer. It is true, I can finally admit it. I love plants, but I do nothing but kill them. Artificial plants are OK to look at, they are easy to care for, they require nothing more then dusting, but they look just that, very fake.

I heard that the Spider plant is an easy plant to care for. I bought one, placed it on a pedestal and gave it water when soil was going dry, it had sun light, but it hated me and tried to die. I placed it outside in the backyard, and to my surprise it lived. So OK, it doesn’t want to be anywhere near me, I thought to myself laughing. One elderly lady told me to try a fern. While I was shopping at the grocery store, I bought one. I hung it proudly on a hook, in my front room by the picture window. I gave it water, when the soil felt dry and misted it with water, but within a week, I killed it. Right about now, no one in a nursery should allow me to have a plant.

One day I ordered Chinese take out, while waiting, I noticed a large vase with several tall beautiful Bamboo. The price tag was $4.00 each. I asked the lady behind the counter if it was easy to care for, and she assured me it was extremely easy and hardy. I could not resist I bought one. I took it home and placed in a large glass vase on my kitchen table. I later went to the store and bought glass marbles, to keep the Bamboo propped up and not leaning off to the side.

Doing some research on how to care for this exotic looking plant, I found it is a no brainer. The Bamboo only needs an inch or so of water and little direct sunlight to keep it happy. I only need to change the water once a week and keep it in a room where the temperature is about 65 to 70 degrees. To keep my Bamboo healthy I need to use spring water, since tap water contains fluoride it will turn the leaves yellow. Also occasionally adding African Violet Fertilizer.

I am proud to say, I have had my Bamboo now for 1 1/2 years, adding two littler stalks to my vase, and they are striving. I finally found a plant I can enjoy, without the plant meeting a untimely death. If you are like me and are the Terminator of house plants, try looking into Bamboo. It is tropical looking and legend says, it brings Luck, although I have not seen any yet personally, I believe it does. Below I listed a site with great information on Bamboo and how to care for it in your home.

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