Airpurifers and the benefits

Most people I know, have at least one air purifier in their home. Some use it them to filter extra allergens in the air, while others smoke, and want to filter the air in their home. I have two air purifiers. One small table top unit I have, is the Ionic Breeze with Germicidal Protection, and the other is a Biozone unit. Both are used for the same purpose of filtering the air for smoke, and pet dander in my house. I purchased the Biozone because we moved into a house that had the old style blown in insulation. I developed a bad cough and allergies. When I used the Biozone in my house, I began to breathe better, and the cough soon diminished.

The Biozone unit, was more costly, the unit I have is, the Biozone 1000. This unit cost me $250.00, and is used to purifier my living room, and bedroom area. This unit is designed to filter out bacteria, viruses, mold, allergens, smoke, odors, dust. The Biozone is equipped with an ultraviolet light, that actually does eliminate the smell of cigarettes, in our home. It will leave your room with a fresh, crisp smell, much like after a cool rain. I have had this unit since 2003, and never once had to replace the ultra violet light bulb, the only maintenance to do on this unit is gently clean the bulb. It may cost more, but the savings in the end is dramatic, compared to buying filters and replacing them at $9 to $ 15 dollars each per month or every other month, adds up to a huge chunk of change. The makers of Biozone, also sell units to go directly into your furnace, and portable models for the car. There is different size units, for various size homes, and usage per room. One of my relatives has put one in their furnace, due to severe allergies, and I can tell you there is a noticeable difference in the air quality and smell verses the last unit placed on her furnace.

The Ionic Breeze table top model, is used primarily in the kitchen. It is also nice for the fact of no filters, just lift out, and clean with a slightly damp cloth that comes with the unit. It also leaves the room with a crisp, fresh, smell. This unit normally costs $85. I found it on the clearance rack at the linen store, for $50 and they let me use my 20% coupon with it.

Both units are well made, and serve the purpose of purifying the air very well. With the smaller units priced at $50 to $90, it makes sense for me to use the Biozone alone. My electric bill has not gone up much in using this unit, as I do not run it 24/7, just a half hour a day or so. That is all the is necessary for me to run the unit to purify the air. If you are looking into buying a air purifier, consider the cost in the long run of buying filters, compared to the beneficial use of ultra violet lightWhich ever unit you decide to use, I am sure you will be happy with it. As with any electronics, that have an ultraviolet light, you do not want to stand close, be near, or stare into the light, use accordingly to manufacturer guidelines.

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