Adopting a Pet

Adopting an animal is a huge decision. If you are thinking about doing so, please sit back and take the time to make this decision. I say this because of a few things. First is, there is an overwhelming amount of animals in the shelters now. They lost their homes from unforeseen circumstances.

First, decide if you have the time, and can fully keep this animal for the duration of its life. It is not fair to adopt, and then in a month or so decide, it was a mistake. These animals need a home that can provide love, food, and care. Many live to be the age of 13 years, can you give this animal a home for this long? Much like humans, they may get sick, and require medical care. Not only for when they fall ill, but they need yearly care as well. Heart worm checks, shots and medication for heart worm yearly is necessary.

If you can adopt, and do so, keep in mind, the shelter dogs are plenty, and they want nothing more then a new lease on life. They have unconditional love to offer, and plus many are already house broken, and know tricks. They can be a fantastic addition to any family. Please, commit, only if you can for the animals life.

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