Choosing between a D.O. and a M.D.

If you are in the market of looking for a new family physician, there are plenty listed in the phone book. To chose between and MD(Medical Doctor) and a DO(Doctor Of Osteopathy) is a choice you have to make. What is the difference between the MD and a DO? The education needed for both, are similar. They both train, acquiring a four year undergraduate degree in pre-med or related science field. They both go on for another four more years of training before examinations, which will grant them a license to practice medicine. Then depending on the field of medicine they chose, it will be another two to six years of study. If they become a specialist, then more examinations are required to be licensed in the field of choice.

The MD will focus on a certain part of the body, where as the DO will view the entirety of the situation, meaning the whole body. Unlike the MD, an DO is trained in muscular skeletal system as well as manipulation, giving him an extra advantage as a doctor. Also adding, the time spent in the room with the patient is more if you see a DO. We once timed the MD we were seeing, he stayed in the room for 4 minutes, where as the timing on the DO was 15 minutes. I myself have had both for physicians, and my preference is the DO. Mainly for the amount of time they dedicate with patients, as well as the manipulation. I suffer with the occasional back spasms, to the point where I am immobile, and also have constant numbness in my left thigh. The MD I was seeing, only wanted to prescribe medications, in hopes it would cure the situation. I changed to a DO, who now gives me relief when I have the spasms, by manipulation, and a shot of Toradol, which is a combination medication and steroid. I found that in seeing a DO, I am not pushed prescriptions on, as I was with the MD. This is just my experience, and as my mother in law recently switched to a DO, she is doing better herself.

In a nutshell, if you have problems, where you need to see a chiropractor, and if you find a good DO, they can do the same, and in my case since I was injured by a chiropractor, I worry about getting injured again. A Lot of the time, medications are not needed, and a simple manipulation, cures the ailment, for me anyways. In keeping with seeing a DO, this also gives the physician, more knowledge of what your body is going through, where as if you opted Chiropractic, your doctor could be in the dark, and possibly if there is an underlying condition causing your pains. The choice is going to be a decision for you, on who is the right type of physician for you. I added a link to where you can read more on the differences between a DO and MD.

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