Christmas time and Soldiers

This holiday season, we will be celebrating with family and friends. While we do this, there is still many men and women fighting over in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our troops need our support each and every day. Many of these of men and women have family, yet some do not. They may be an only child, or signed up having no family. This holiday season we should try to remember these brave men and women who put their lives on the line every day for us. What can we do to show our support?

This year, I am not handing out gifts to family members, as for a couple of reasons. Money is tight, and there is nothing I could buy them they do not already have. Instead I am going to buy items requested by these military persons, and send off care package in every one’s name. I came upon a website, in which military personnel write, leave their name, unit, and items requested. What they ask for is simple things, such as writing paper, snacks, hygiene items, and books. As I read numerous times, there is no PX here, these are some things we would appreciate. I feel they are asking so little, for so much of what they do.

If you are not able to purchase these small items, maybe just send a card. Let them know we know you are still there fighting, and that we support them, and pray for their safe return home. I had a pen pal in the first gulf war. He had no family that wrote, just me. I sent care packages every other week, of cookies, brownies, paper and gum. I did not expect much in return, I was just thankful for them doing what they do. Well, when the war ended, and they came home. I got a phone call at 2 am. It was my pen pal. The first thing they did when the plane landed was call to thank me for everything I did. It was heart touching. Sometimes in a place where these soldiers are, is a bad cold place. They need our support, to get them through each day. If you can afford to buy small bottles of hygienic items, paper and snacks, think about the next time you go shopping, and maybe pick some up here and there. Put together a care package and send it off to a lonely soldier. It may just make a difference in their life, when things around them are so cold. Where can you find a solider to send a care package to? is an independent charity that can help you. You will be able to search on what to send, how to, and who to send it to. Also if you wish, you can just donate money. Here you can purchase phone cards for the military, so they can call home and hear a friendly voice. What ever option you choose, you will make someones day a little brighter.

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